January 2011

Supplier Profile

Rhonda Woolverton
Corporate Sales Manager, Canada, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Q: What is your favourite thing about the Meeting Planning Industry?
A: I love meeting new and amazing people everyday!

Q: What do you do to relieve stress on a day to day basis?
A: I try to workout as much as possible.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for someone starting out in the Meeting Planning Industry?
A: Be open & flexible and when working with clients listen very carefully to make sure you understand your client's needs before you start anything.

Q: What form of social media do you want to learn more about?
A: Facebook! I'm probably the only person not on it (it might be awhile before I am....)

Q: What is your favourite pub food?
A: Yam Fries!

Planner Profile

Melanie (Czapp) Heywood, CMP
Education Marketing Specialist, SMART Technologies

Q: What is favourite thing about being an event planner?
A: I like the opportunities I get to be creative. To be able to have a conversation with someone, brainstorm and then seeing their ideas to fruition on site is great. It's awesome to be able to run with an idea and make it reality!

Q: What is the best project you have ever worked on?
A: SMART launched a product and we had a product roadshow that went through 5 cities in the US. It was great to be able to manage that, learn more about the products, and travel. I was really proud to see the reaction the market had to our great product. It felt good to be involved with such a great product.

Q: How did you get involved in MPI?
A: I was a Sales manager at the Sheraton in Edmonton, which is now Sutton Place hotel and I joined as a venue member. When I moved to Calgary, MPI was the first thing I joined as I found it helps me develop my networks both professionally and personally. I wanted to stay connected to the community and my friends in the industry.

Q: What Social Media do you use the most?
A: I'm most comfortable with Facebook, because I've been on it longer. I do like how LinkedIn is very professional and is a great tool to stay connected to your contacts.

Q: What is your favourite pub food?
A: Fish & Chips!